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Rasmussen Law Office has over 33 years of experience in dealing with a variety of legal issues. We are locally owned and we seek to provide you with personalized services when you need our help. If our office does not handle the matter that you are dealing with, we will refer you to an attorney who can assist you with your case.

Our criminal law practice covers cases from simple misdemeanors to Class D felonies. We can represent the  defendant in the initial appearance to arraignment, discovery process, pretrial conference, and trial and sentencing. We also deal with cases of traffic tickets, OWI, theft, burglary, assault, fraud, possession of controlled substances, and more.

When charged with a criminal offense, trust in our aggressive legal representation

We practice in a variety of areas of law and can help you with your case

Handle Complicated Legal Issues With Professional Help

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.

We also assist individuals with tax preparation